DEVIZES author Kirsty Wilmot started writing about 20 years ago but has finally published her first book.

Mrs Wilmot said: “It’s a crime novel, not how it started out, and therefore does not have the usual cast of characters.”

Mrs Wilmott, who is an active member of St James Church, Devizes is married to Wiltshire Council’s head of development control Mike Wilmott.

Watching You Fall is set in the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall and centres on a parish run by the Rev Anna Maybury.

Mrs Wilmott said: “Much of Anna’s little flock are dealing with their own problems, and when the wife of a local architect is found dead in the churchyard, each of them has to come to terms with the fact that they may be living with a murderer.

“The year will take them to the very edge of their insecurities and relationships and beyond to the conclusion that we are never truly what we seem.”

The novel costing £19.95 is for sale at Devizes Books.