A LOCAL historian’s latest book has hit the shelves as he takes a look through time at the Market Place in Trowbridge.

Following on from Woollen Industry Processes published early this year, the Friends of Trowbridge Museum has now published The Market Place in Trowbridge 1812-2018, by Ken Rogers with Rob Hillman.

Mr Rogers is a well-known local historian and former county archivist, and Rob Hillman is co-editor of The Muse, the newsletter of the Friends of Trowbridge Museum.

Mr Rogers said: “It is looking back at the history of Trowbridge for 60 years.

“What we tried to do was use illustrations with commentary focusing on an area of the town. 

“My friend Rob Hillman worked on it with me organising the pictures. The book took over a year but collecting pictures took a lot longer. 

“We have the first known picture of Trowbridge in there as well and how the town works, as I’ve been collecting the pictures for some time. 

“I worked in the tourist information centre and civic centre. Then the county record office where I have been an archivist.

“I like writing history, it’s a hobby. Most people write about history not because they make much money but because they want to find out about it.”

In 120 pages of words and images, the book traces the history of Trowbridge Market Place and its tradesmen from 1812 to the present day. 

“We have some pictures as far back as the 1860’s Market Place and a series of a building being built, which is very unusual to have from that time. 

“It’s nice to see the book come out and let people look at it.” 

The old Market Place runs along what is now Fore Street from the HSBC bank to the Blue Cross charity shop, and has seen many characters over the years, such as Giovanni Baptiste Giobbio and Edward Alphonso Meredith Mandry. 

It has seen the rise of familiar local businesses such as Knees and has been the focus of events. The book is available from the TIC at the Civic Centre, from Trowbridge Museum and at the pop-up shop in The Shires.