PEOPLE forced out of their homes after an arson attack in December want to stay away from the estate where it happened.

Ulla Derrick, 51, died in hospital after fire crews rescued her from from the blaze. Nine other people were injured.

Since the incident, the community around the Waiblingen Estate has rallied behind those affected.

Volunteers have raised cash and organised donations for furniture, clothing and food.

Despite this, residents say they are still nervous that more attacks could happen as police have yet to charge anyone.

“I haven’t felt safe for a long time,” said Chelsea Nurdin, 23, who is now pushing to stay in her new flat in Sheep Street.

“Someone’s smoke alarm went off the other day. My heart was racing and I was panicking.”

Even though it was a smoke alarm caused by someone burning toast, she says the trauma of living next to the arson attack has made her more anxious and determined not to go back.

She says she has found the community spirit heartwarming. “I never spoke to anyone before this, so the good thing is that this has brought people together. It is still upsetting but it is surprising what we all have in common thought this.”

The fire has struck a chord with the people of Devizes.

They have dug deep to help those in need with clothes, food and cash.

The fundraising efforts have been led by Liz Denbury.

Liz, 44, from Estcourt Crescent, says people have been incredibly generous. “I’ve seen the community pull together before and everyone has been amazing.

“We have had lots of donations. I live here in Devizes so I wanted to give back and help out.”

Liz added: “I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support that the fund has received.

"People have given everything from furniture to food and toiletries.”

Money has come from Devizes Town Council, which held a Christmas jumper day, an event at Vinyl Realm record shop and the One Stop in Eastleigh Road.

“We now have enough goods but it is important the fundraising continues.”

Liz said: “As a last push to reach our target of £4,000, we are having a charity gig.”

Chelsea is delighted with the donation she has received.

“We now have a cooker and no longer have to rely on eating ready meals.

The money is really helpful as we are topping up on the bits we lost in the fire.”

A large proportion of the funds raised will go towards funeral costs of the woman who died.

Ulla Derrick died at Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

An inquest into the cause of her death will be held at a later date, and the family would like the funeral to be a private family affair.