WRITERS from the Devizes area have got together to put on a sale in the town for two weeks from tomorrow. (December 7)

The Devizes Writers Group will be in Devizes Books to show off their diverse writings.

Among them is Mike Williams whose writing falls into two distinct categories - textbooks in business leadership and historical naval fiction.

He is now writing novel on the English Civil War in the Western counties which strongly features Devizes and Marlborough.

Brenda Williams is one of Scholastic UK’s authors and writes children’s stories poems and educational articles.

She is an internationally published author of seven children’s books including Home For A Tiger, Home For A Bear.

Lucy Jayne writes young adult fantasy fiction and dabbles in the world of flash fiction and says she accidentally writes short stories that threaten to turn into novels.

Her main writing involves a young adult urban fantasy trilogy. Her newest book was published in November and is called Shadows in Time.

Francis Chadwick’s non-fiction book is The Winding Road Of Faith is a journey through life, belief and humanity. The author looks back on the highways and byways he has explored through an eventful life. He now has a second book entitled Creeping Behind The Iron Curtain which will be published early in 2020

Roger Nicol’s book The Watchman’s Dog came about because he was fascinated with the art of the storyteller. Everyday incidents can sometimes trigger fond memories of past experiences and behind those lie tales begging to be heard. Stories like they used to be told.

He is now working his way through a second book under the working title of Nameless in the US which will hopefully be published towards the middle of 2020

Robin Jequier’s son has a genetically inherited disease which triggered an interest in genetics and led to him writing his fictional book, The Gene Deal. With a psychic element added to the mix, this is a powerful tale of science, high finance and greed. Robin has now started writing a second novel.

Vicky Morrison’s children’s book, Tumph was originally written to entertain her son when he was a child and as her grandson also loved the story, it was finally published this autumn.

It’s the tale of two friends who experience the world from very different perspectives and in so doing, learn from each other. She has just finished a picture book, Abigail and Ted, for younger children which will be published in 2020.

Simon Evans has published many technical articles on science and banking but now prefers to write fiction. His preferences for speculative fiction, but he has also written a straightforward comic novel about an imaginary country which it expects to publish in the New Year.

The Devizes writers group is for all people who enjoy writing. For more information email devizeswriters@gmail.com”