CALNE'S craftsmen and woman are desperately looking for a new home as their current base is to become unavailable from February 2020.

The town's Men Shed meet twice a week at their unit in Hills Waste's site, on Porte Marsh Road, but now need somewhere new to practise their arts and crafts.

Calne Men's Shed is a group for people who meet for social reasons as well as to exercise their creative talents. The group have worked on a series of projects around the town such as benches and furniture for the new pop-up park.

Secretary Gus Gooch, 75, has expressed the shed's determination to find a new base before they find itself homeless.

He said: "We play our part in the community and want to keep doing so.

"If we have no base it won't just be our members who miss out but the people of Calne will miss out on all the good work we do as well.

"We have identified a possible new premises. There is a building near Anchor Road which would be perfect for us.

The building is unfortunately just stood there rotting away which is a shame as it could be a good site for us.

"It is owned by Wiltshire Council and we are trying to convince them to help us out. It's a shame they are treating it like a commercial asset.

"We have the skills to renovate a building and are just waiting for one to become available to us.

"I spoke at a Calne Town Council full council meeting on November 15 and urged them to help us. I proposed they let Calne Men's Shed be project leaders to make a centre of excellence for arts and crafts in our town.

"It has to be said the town council have been very helpful and may even helps us get funding.

"I promise we will fight tooth and nail to achieve this."

Hills Waste are relocating to their quarry site on Sand Pit Road at the end of February which is why the shed may find itself homeless.

Calne Men's Shed have made it clear there is no animosity between them and they are grateful for Hills for letting them work there for the past three years.

The group works very closely with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's repair academy which is also based at the Hills unit.

As well as creating crafts across town, the shed helps mentor youngsters with learning difficulties. The group teaches the children how to use their tools safely and correctly so they can make things for loved ones.

The shed is open at unit 3-5 between 2.30-8pm on Tuesdays and 5.30-9pm on Thursdays.