Pupils at Kennet Valley School in Lockeridge, near Marlborough, had the fantastic opportunity to learn first aid skills when they were visited by Georgie Morse from Little Soldiers First Aid. Pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were taught how to practice basic first aid skills, such as treating minor burns and nose bleeds, how to put someone in the recovery position and how to call the emergency services. The older years were also taught how to give CPR.

Head Emma Russell said "We arranged the first aid classes for the older children in the school as we want them to learn skills which they could use in everyday life. Having to help a friend or family member who is unwell can be very worrying for a child and as a school we want to enable our children to deal with these difficult situations with confidence."

The children were thoroughly engaged and interested and Georgie said they were all "a delight to teach and that they had learnt a lot".

Mrs Russell added: "We have since heard that pupils went home and enthused to their parents about what they had learnt, some of their comments were: “I feel that the course has affected me, as if one of my relatives is hurt I have the confidence to help out”; “I enjoyed the afternoon as Year 6 pupils got a personal session on how to do CPR – I think learning this is extremely important and I loved it!”; “I felt like I learned so much which made me happy and now I know what to do in an emergency when someone is suffering.”.