THE burgers at Kitchen Sisters in Marlborough have been proclaimed as the best in Wiltshire and I have no argument with that title.

The most important factor in any restaurant has to be what you eat. Kitchen Sisters concentrates almost entirely on burgers and they do them fantastically well.

My daughter and I went for the KS Burger which is made up of a 5oz beef burger with crispy bacon, melted kern aged Gouda cheese, salad and KS sauce in a bun. (£12).

This price includes the choice of a side from a list which includes rosemary fries, salad, slaw, pickles and cornichons.

We, like probably a majority of diners, went with the fries and they were almost as good as the burger itself.

The beef was juicy and just a bit pink and there was a good balance of all the other ingredients in a fresh bun.

The cheapest burger on the menu is the classic priced at £8.50 to which cheese can be added for an extra £1.20.

Those with a taste for something rather more exotic could opt for a a pulled pork special burger at £.9.50 or the Georgia mushroom burger also at £9.50.

Mini burgers for children cost £3.50 and can be beef, chicken, pulled pork or veggie.

The menu shows just two puddings which are chocolate fudge cake with cream or ice cream at £5.75 or chocolate brownie with the same choice of accompaniment for £4.75.

But it says to ask what other puds are available.

My daughter adores chocolate fudge cake and so had decided this would be her dessert before event looking at the mains but unfortunately when we came to order the fudge cake was off and had been replaced by Eton Mess.

Owner Karl Lloyd did his best to sell the brownies but we decided that after all we were too full of burger to eat any more.

Getting a drink was another slightly odd arrangement as these could not be ordered with the food.

Instead we were told we had to go into the rather crowded pub area and order and pay at the bar.The main downside to this was that The Bear does not take cards for orders of less than £5 and as we were only drinking diet cokes we had to scrape together cash.

We felt Karl and his girlfriend Lesia Weremijenko need to take the decor of their new home at The Bear up a notch if the surrounding are to meet the same excellence as their food.

The couple have moved from Kingsbury Street to the High Street and are in a great position to attract passing trade.

But the front dining room of the pub which they now occupy lacks warmth and atmosphere.

I visited on a wet Saturday lunchtime and down in the bar a real fire added not just actual warmth but a welcoming feel - but in the Kitchen Sisters territory the attractive period fireplace had an empty grate.

Karl is good at front of house and his partner is a fantastic cook so they potentially have a winning combination.

They have only been open a couple of weeks at The Bear so it is only fair to give them time to pull everything together.

Joanne Moore