Red diesel nicked

UP to 1,000 litres of red diesel and a transfer pump were stolen from a property in Beanacre between November 8 and 11.

Door seal damaged

A car door and the rubber seal were damaged by someone who attempted to enter a vehicle in Queensway, Melksham, on Sunday .

Trailer stolen

A GALVANISED silver Ifor Williams trailer was stolen from Beanacre overnight on Sunday.

Tyre punctured

A SHARP instrument such as a screwdriver was used to puncture the front nearside tyre of a parked vehicle in Purlpit, Atworth, overnight on Friday.

Van was crashed

A THIEF stole a Vauxhall Vivaro van using keys taken from a caravan at Littleton, Semington, on Thursday. The vehicle was later involved in a non-injury collision on County Way, Trowbridge. Enquiries are ongoing.

Man bailed

A MAN in his 40s from Melksham has been released on bail following a disturbance at Queensway, Melksham, on November 6. He was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, a breach of the peace, and for an assault on two officers.

Drugs arrest

A MAN in his 20s from Melksham was stop-checked on the A365 at Melksham on November 5 and provided a positive swipe for drugs. He was found to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis and later released under investigation for the drug-driving offence and given a penalty notice fine for possession of cannabis.