A CHIPPENHAM student is urging people to try veganism to combat climate change.

Luca Wolfe-Murray, who is vegan himself and does all of the cooking at home, converting his dad Rupert to veganism in the process, wrote to the town council shortly after it announced a climate emergency.

The 17-year-old stresses that if people in Chippenham do their bit to fight environmental destruction then it will have a big impact.

Luca wrote: “Remember what happened when that Icelandic volcano shut down aviation? We immediately found other ways of getting around and communicating, and we all know there are really good alternatives to cars and polluting heating systems – and really delicious vegan alternatives to meat and dairy. It just takes a change of attitude.

“Once people in Chippenham know the truth, and realise that their individual behaviour can have an impact, the process of real change can happen quickly.”

Speaking to the Gazette, the Hardenhuish pupil added: “I’m just trying to achieve some local advancements in these climate change circumstances.

“I cannot stand by and watch this happen. The best thing that people can do to help is go vegan. The animal agriculture industry destroys so much of our rainforests and things like milk use so much water and CO2 to produce.

“Everyone can have an impact, especially on a local scale.”

Chippenham Town Council have told Luca they have recently set up an advisory group to look at suggestions like his.

A spokesman said: “Since declaring a Climate Emergency, the town council has set up a Climate Emergency Advisory Group made up of six councillors and six members of the public selected for their wealth of knowledge in the area.”

Luca was not impressed, adding: “These committees are bureaucratic and end up doing small projects that give them the self-satisfaction of thinking they did their bit.”