THIS shocking picture shows a teenage thug using a homemade flamethrower to explode an aerosol can.

Police released the image and have urged the youngster to come forward.

The CCTV snap caught the yob red-handed as he set fireworks and deodorant cans alight, causing damage to the plastic bench at Calne Skate Bowl.

Police are trying to track down the teenager, after the incident at 4.30pm on October 30, in connection to anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

Some of the hooligans have already been identified and spoken to.

Police have pledged to alert their parents as well as giving them appropriate punishment.

PCSO Mark Cook said: "We take the matter of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour very seriously, especially when the element of fire is involved.

"This behaviour could have ended in a serious injuries being caused to users of the bowl, and we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour. We are urging the boy to step forward and identify himself."