FOR the first time, the award-winning amateur theatre group, The Bradfordians Dramatic Society, is to stage a Greek tragedy.

It is putting on Medea, an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides and first produced in 431 BC.

Production manager Jerry Smith said: “This is the first time The Bradfordians have staged a Greek tragedy.

“We are fortunate to have the use of the spectacular Holy Trinity Church in Church Street, Bradford on Avon, as the backdrop for the play. It will be visually stunning.”

The play is based upon the Greek legend of Medea and tells of Jason and the Argonauts who set sail from Greece to steal the Golden Fleece.

Jason manages to take the fleece from the island of Colchis but only with the help of Medea, a former princess of the ‘barbarian’ kingdom.

They escape together and he marries her and brings her back to Greece with their two children.

But his marriage to a non-Greek is not recognised and she is shunned by everyone, including Jason who leaves her for a Greek princess from Corinth.

After being humiliated, Medea finds her position in the Greek world threatened. She takes a terrible revenge by murdering Jason’s new wife as well as her own two sons, after which she escapes to Athens to start a new life.

The cast is led by Jude Bucklow as Medea and Al Brunker as Jason, with Liz Holliss as Gora, Lucy Upward as Creusa and Andrew Creed as Creon. There is a 16-strong chorus.

Medea is on for three nights from Thursday, November 21 to Saturday, November 23 and starts at 7.30pm. There is no interval.

Contact Wiltshire Music Centre for tickets on 01225 860100 or go to

Seats are unnumbered so come from 6.30pm and have a drink beforehand.