THIS week we brought to you news that more than 180,000 people across Britain have signed a petition calling for a ban on the sale of fireworks in shops. As the figure is more than 100,000, this means Parliament will have to consider debating it. The petition on says: "Every year more and more people, animals and wildlife get hurt by fireworks.

"It’s time something was done to stop this. There are enough organised firework groups around for us to still enjoy fireworks safely so please help me stop the needless sale of them to the public!


DARREN WORROW: I'm confused, how does a dog get scared more by a public bought firework than in an organised display? Thinking about it organised firework displays are usually louder and longer than some Joe Bloggs who bought a handful of rockets and a Catherine wheel for his garden. If we should ban then surely we need to ban them all and would that be totally fair for those who enjoy them? It's a circle without a correct answer. For one night of the year can you not keep your dog inside the house, maybe buy it some earmuffs?!

JANETTE BUTTERWORTH: Yes they should be banned, they serve no purpose at all except to frighten animals and cause pollution. They make ones which are noiseless apparently, but idiots wouldn't enjoy those as much!

JULIE GIBBS: No definitely not they give pleasure to a lot of people. Just because you choose to keep a pet that does not give you the right to ban anybody else choosing to do something they enjoy.

NATALIE ROBSON: Nope. Fireworks bring joy to thousands of people when used correctly and precautions are taken. This has been a tradition for many many years and should still continue. I do agree more low noise fireworks should ve promoted for the public to use.

BILLY WHEELER: Glad I'm one of the 66 Million living in the UK that are enjoying themselves tonight, and not one of the 180,000 miserable gits.

STACEY WILSON: Loud ones yes and banned from public purchasing should only be done by professionals . So silent displays its he noises that scare the people and animals .

RICHARD ROOM: I really don’t get what people see in fireworks...a loud bang and some colour in the!! Personally I hate the bloody things, and my poor dog is traumatised every year. Nothing to do with being boring...Halloween is much more fun and fortunately it seems to be growing in popularity over here especially with younger generations.

CLAIRE SAYER: Yes unless it's a display. Selling to the public should be banned in my opinion as in the wrong hands they're dangerous.

TINA HAMS: I don't think banned but I don't think they should be allowed as and when people feel like it. It's not fair on the young, old, Ill health or animals. I would rather see affordable real displays than a neighbour banging one every five minutes.

SARAH LOWE: Nope but fireworks should only be let off firework night or nearest weekend to it.

ALICE HUGHES: Why has everyone got so boring!? Fireworks are amazing at any time of year. We have grown so dull as a nation.

PAULINE SELF: No should not be banned. Fireworks have been about for many years why ban them now.

DARREN SMITH: No, it's our choice to own pets as is it's our choice to have fireworks at home.

JULIE PONTING: Personally, I have never really enjoyed fireworks. I see them as a waste of money. Especially the over the top displays. I think the money spent on the fireworks could be used for good causes perhaps; instead of causing chaos for wildlife, pets, & some people, especially those who suffer from PTSD. I understand some people do enjoy fireworks, but how with so much suffering resulting from them, maybe we should try to keep it to the specific day, today the 5th of November...remember remember?

SHIRLEY WEBB: They should only be used at a proper organised display, not sold to just anybody. Then people like myself that have pets can keep them in and safe also preferably silent ones.