A long-neglected Box footpath has been given a well needed restoration by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens Work Party. Part of the restoration included a section of a ruined dry-stone wall. This section is part of the wall that goes from the Bradford Road to Box Hill Woods to the north of Hazelbury Manor.

Over five weeks, the wardens led by David Wright and assisted by Wadswick Farm staff, worked 70 hours, using approximately 2 tons of stone. The task required the wall to be taken down to the foundations and then rebuilt using original and new stone provided by Wadswick Farm. New ‘Cheek Ends’ and ‘Cocks and Hens’ were put in place to protect the restored wall from the elements and human ‘meddling’. Cocks and hens refer to the jagged pattern of alternating larger and smaller stones placed on top of the wall at a right angle. These measures will help preserve the 6,000 miles of historic dry-stone walling in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Beauty.

The restoration effort also involved clearing out the footpath route adjacent to the wall that leads to Box Hill Common and improving the steps that allow access to the field.

‘It was encouraging that during the various work parties we met many walkers, dog walkers and runners who commented on the work being done.’ Said voluntary Warden Barry Cox. The volunteers are hoping this warm reception will persuade walkers to stay on the path and not stray into the field margin which is not a Public Right of Way.

The Wardens continue to improve paths as part of the Peacock and Heritage Trails. These provide a series of heritage walks that connect Corsham to Biddestone, Box and Colerne.