A PUPIL has allegedly defecated in a school corridor in protest to a decision to remove the boys' toilet doors.

Malmesbury School removed the outer doors of the boys' loos in an attempt to 'ensure all students have safe access to clean toilets'.

To try and defy this action, pupils have taken to protesting the change with some chanting 'we want our doors back' and one pupil leaving excrement in the main school corridor.

An Instagram page (@we_want_our_doors_back ) has shown footage of a school bin and a bench in the toilets as part of the protest.

Alfie Teyll has a son at the school and has labelled the removal of the toilet doors a 'total lack of privacy'.

He said: "My son arrived home from school today and told me that two of the four boys' toilets in the school had their toilets removed.

"He said people could see in and the mirrors were reflecting the urinals, so could be seen from the corridor.

"Apparently he was told it’s a safety hazard keeping the toilet doors on."

His son added: "The excrement in the corridor was going way too far beyond anything acceptable.

"I would understand if it was a protest with signs but that is just disgusting."

In an email to parents and carers yesterday, associate headteacher John Barrett said: "I have had several complaints from students about a number of issues in two of the five boys' toilets.

"This includes large groups of boys loitering and eating, soap dispensers being damaged or removed, toilet paper strewn around, and toilet bowls being blocked.

"In order to ensure that all our students have safe access to clean toilets, we have taken the decision to remove the outer doors on these two toilets only."

"I must emphasise that the urinals are not visible either directly or through mirrors without entering the toilets themselves.

"It is not unusual for modern school toilets to be purposefully designed in this way.

"If students value additional privacy, there are of course separate toilet cubicles with doors.

"Students now have a choice of whether to use these toilets or the remaining toilets with an outer door.

"The rationale for this change was clearly explained to students by their tutors on Monday morning. However, a number of students still seem unclear and uneasy about the changes.

"I hope this provides clarification."