FAMILY of a man who died in a motorcycle accident near Marlborough have put up warning signs on the road where he crashed.

Simon Cheese, 55, was just yards from his home in Collingbourne Kingston when he collided with a van on the A338.

His brother Jarrod, 53, has now made a sign in the shape of a motorcycle to put at the spot where the accident happened just before 6.30pm on September 20.

He said: “I don’t think the van driver was at fault but it is a very dangerous road with a dip in it.

“I am a motorcyclist too but now my wife wants me to stop.”

Simon and his daughter Winnie, 15, lived with his brother and he was on his way home from working as a welder in Mildenhall, near Marlborough.

His brother said: “He always got home at about 6.30pm. My wife saw a build up of traffic on the main road and was immediately worried that Simon might have been involved.”

He described his brother, who grew up in Sussex and lived there for most of his life, as a free spirit.

He said: “He wasn’t one for a nine to five routine but in the last year had really settled down and wanted to make a life for him and his daughter.”

A cavalcade of motorcycles and cars created a funeral procession from Mildenhall to Collinbourne on October 5 and Mr Cheese was buried in a forest close to his home.

Other friends and family held a second gathering around a bonfire on a beach at Bexhill, Sussex.When the fire died away stones in the shape of a heart were left.

Mr Cheese also left three sisters Judith, Joanna and Jocelyn. Judith attended the Wiltshire ceremony while the other two joined in with the beach tribute.

Jarrod said: “My brother had spoken quite recently about what he would want to happen if he died and I think he would have been happy with what we did.”