ARE you a victim or a witness to hate crime?

If so, there's a chance for you to go and talk to someone about it today in Trowbridge.

Wiltshire Police are staging an event at The Shires shopping centre in Trowbridge between 10am and 3pm to promote their hate crime awareness week.

The force's hate crime lead, PCSO Andrew MacLachlan, is running street stalls across Wiltshire and is encouraging people to come and talk about any concerns.

The aim is to help people to have the confidence to come forward as victims or witnesses to report hate crimes.

The events are taking place at:

• Tuesday, 15 October – The Shires Shopping Centre, Trowbridge, 10am to 1pm;

• Wednesday, 16 October – The Brunel Centre, Swindon, 11am to 3pm;

• Thursday, 17 October – Emery Gate Shopping Centre, Chippenham, 10am to 3pm;

• Friday, 18 October – Guildhall Square, Salisbury, 11am to 3pm.

A hate crime or a hate incident is hatred or hostility - perceived by the victim or any other person - based on someone's race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability.

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