HUNDREDS of campaigners will travel from Devizes and Marlborough area to London on

Saturday to join a march demanding a second Brexit referendum.

They will join more than 170 coach loads of people taking part in the campaign called Together For A Final Say.

The march coincides with Parliament sitting in emergency session on the same day but campaigners say that everyone – not just politicians – should have their voices heard.

Organisers claim it promises to be one of the largest protest marches the UK has ever seen.

Joining the group from the Devizes Constituency will be Joy, who lives in Wiltshire and whose disabled mother Betty, 89, travelled to Donegal in Ireland to see her oldest living friend.

Kate Freeman chairman of Devizes for EU said: "This journey was made possible thanks to the EU's accessibility directives and financial support.

"Joy is anxious not to lose these benefits and is joining the march on 19 October to stand up for the rights for the disabled.

“For more than three years, hard-working activists and campaigners here in the Devizes constituency and across the UK have been running street stalls, delivering leaflets, and making the case for a People’s Vote to settle the Brexit issue once and for all.

"Now we are coming together in London to demand that our voices are heard.”

“Boris Johnson needs to hear loud and clear that he must seek our consent before he inflicts his damaging Brexit on our country.”

“The Together For A Final Say march will be a huge democratic moment for our country. We will say loud and clear that, whatever you think about Brexit, the only way out of this mess is to give the people the final say.”