PROUD displays of art work were on show today at Marden House as the Calne Music and Arts Festival showcased some of the best artists in the area.

The public were given the chance to get up close and personal with a huge range of art, from an intricate Alice in Wonderland tea party scene made out of reclaimed copper, to Wiltshire wildlife capture on film, in oils and on canvas.

This year the festival celebrates its 45th anniversary and ends tomorrow night when guitarist and fiddle players Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow take to the stage.

Music director Simon Parker has been volunteering with the festival for 15 years.

Speaking from Marden House this afternoon he said: "We have added more children's events and we are now more involved with local schools than ever before.

"One aim of the festival is to involve the local community.

"Tonight we have the St John's Devizes Choir and while other festivals might attract more national names, we really want to support local acts, from Wiltshire or from the South west in general.

"This is the same for our artists, we have many people who live in Calne or nearby getting involved.

"We had a Drink and Draw night at the Lansdowne and that was specifically to get people involved in drawing and the arts.

"We have also created ways for artists and musicians to interact lots and combine the two arts together."

Stephen Baldwin lives in Calne and said: "It was very impressive to be there, and realising how much different art there is on show."

Tonight St John's Devizes Choir performs, followed by guitar and lute player Andrew Hurst takes to the stage at Marden House.