CHILDREN have nowhere to play after their playground was shut by developers GreenSquare on the site of proposed houses in Rabley Wood View, Marlborough.

39 homes are due to be built in the area off Rogers Meadow, and the play area moved into a water meadow that people believe is a flood risk.

Around 30 people took part in an public question and answer meeting on Monday night (oct 7), where GreenSquare heard that children were playing near dangerous roads after the play area was boarded up in May.

The developer promised that exciting plans would soon be revealed to address the lack of temporary play facilities, but refused to give further details.

Charlotte Hitchins of Action for the River Kennet believes current designs for the area are a ‘missed opportunity’ to preserve the water meadow. She said: “We are really sad to see it being drained.

“Wetland is the fastest declining habitat. A play area and a pond is not the best solution, surely we can do better. We could make this really interesting.”

Following the public meeting, town councillors voted unanimously not to object to the latest set of changes for the development as long as GreenSquare meet all Wiltshire Council planning conditions.

One condition it to make sure that there is no hazardous materials in the grounds of the site.

Resident Elizabeth Cooper said: “100 years ago this was a site for the US Army hospital and we know that in 1945 X-rays were dumped here, there were gas works in 1945 and waste from Aldbourne abattoir left here.”

Barry Wood, managing director of development at GreenSquare said: “We have had a document through confirming that there are no hazardous areas on the development, it is extensive and addresses every problem that people might raise.”

He also confirmed that original plans stating that only 15 affordable houses will be built had been corrected to 16, which is the legal requirement.