WE bought the news to you that drivers want councils to take action against motorists who leave their engines running when parked.

The RAC poll said that seven in ten drivers want action taken while 44 percent in favour of this say fines should be given if they refuse.

Two out of five, which is 40 percent of the 2,130 drivers questioned stated that they regularly witness vehicles parked at the side of roads with their engines running.

Here is what people had to say about it on Facebook:

Matthew Chivers: I was told it was better to keep the engine running on idle as stopping and restarting the engine when you're only waiting 5 minutes takes up loads more.

Sarah Cleverley Whitaker: So many factors come into play so I really don't think it can be enforceable, if its hot you want air con, cold heaters, freezing for the engine, if you have dropped a person off and coming back, the car may have problems starting, who will enforce it drivers could say they just got there or leaving. I do think its a good idea to do it after 7pm as cars outside your home at 12 pm are just rude and inconsiderate.

Chris Callow: I think it is applicable to some vehicles, but not all. Some automatically switch the engine off when stopped, and some do not have any emissions anyway so why turn off.

Ryan Cousin Hussey: If I want to sit with the heater running or air conditioning I will leave the engine running.

Steve Hulbert: Always wonder why people with diesel cars seem to be the ones who do that.

David Russell: So who will be fining the police? They always leave their engine running.

Tom Morris: Be great to let drivers know that, like those cars that automatically switch off when in traffic jams, switching off helps against air pollution, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

THERE was also news that the Extinction Rebellion logo was put onto the white horse at Alton Bars by the climate protesting group.

Children who helped restore the horse over the summer are concerned that damage has been done to it. They were left devastated after protestors had to walk across the figure to cover it in cloths.

Ian Dobson: What's more upsetting for many is the disregard towards dealing with climate change by people in governments. I'm sure no harm has or will come to the white horse but harm will be coming to the environment as a whole if something isn't done sooner rather than later about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Delia Shepherd: Easy to remove as its bits of cloth.

Nina Phillips: What use was the desecration of one of the white horses in Wiltshire? What was the point of that?

Julie Davies-Brokas: Disgusting‘Extinction Rebellion’ have absolutely no respect for anything around them or others, total hypocrites.

Craig Gingell: I support Extinction Rebellion in a lot of what they do, but not this. It is an ill-conceived stunt.

Natalie Robson: The amount of bad stuff that group does is ridiculous. Hypocrites.

Steve Bucknell: Not the right way to influence people.

Caroline Fisher: Vandalism pure and simple.

Heather Edwards: It's totally fixable because it's literally just pieces of cloth that can be picked up without harm and brings to light the most important issue of the day (no, not Brexit). No need for tears, such snowflakes.

Darren Worrow: Funny how England football fans did similar and are branded cheeky, but ER are vandals.