CO-OWNERS Alan Richard and his wife Ramona, open their independent tea shop in Marlborough.

The tea boutique and café named Tea Inc, was opened on the high street by local councillor, Andrew Ross, who attended the event to do the grand opening.

Mr Richard said: “We essentially specialise in 40 different tea varieties so our USP is the tea. We blend our own and people regularly ask us to make them a unique tea flavour so it can be to try to match a tea that they’ve had abroad that they can’t get here. The most popular is the English breakfast, earl grey or a lavender or rose herbal tea. We do afternoon teas which are quite popular that people can book out.”

Mr and Mrs Richard have a second tea shop in their hometown of Devizes which they have been running for five years but they wanted to expand the business as that shop is quite small so it doesn’t have the space for all the customers and bigger groups the couple would like to accommodate.

They serve tea, coffee and light lunches and freshly made sweet treats. They also sell packs of the huge variety of teas in the cafe so people can take them home.

“The shop is an old building which we spent a year renovating, so it has a traditional style where we upcycled a lot of furniture. Our real passion is the tea blending because its hands on. We really wanted to expand to somewhere people would appreciate us and what we do so Marlborough was top of the list.”