CHIPPENHAM Pit Stop has appointed a new general manager, who has praised truckers for being the best customers he has served.

Lee Fenn, who lives in Kington St Michael, previously worked in hotels where he served celebrities and even royalty.

Mr Fenn, appointed in September, said: " “Coming to the Pit Stop as the new GM and meeting lorry drivers from all over the UK has been a real eye opener.

“Despite spending long hours behind the wheel, they are mostly all polite, courteous and friendly and often even clear up the tables after themselves”

“I’d rather serve truckers than pop stars and royalty’"

Managing director, David Hatherell, said: “This is very definitely a hands-on job requiring a ‘can do’ attitude and Lee with his long years of experience has already started making his mark”

“We’ve always had a lot of respect for our hard working and often under- appreciated trucker customers but it’s still really heartening hearing the views of someone new to our industry."