IN a small market town like Devizes any new addition to the dining experiences available are always met with plenty of comment.

When I first wrote a story to say that former army chef Steve Nordlund had applied for planning permission to turn a building in the heart of the Market Place into a cafe and restaurant some people thought the town already had enough coffee shops.

Others were delighted to see the former Tourist Information centre turned Age Concern office was to be given a new lease of life.

I waited a couple of weeks to allow the new business to bed down after opening before visiting to do my review but of course in this day and age there was plenty to read about New Society on social media.

Some complained that service was a bit haphazard while others loved the food and the decoration.

I visited with a former Gazette colleague on a Thursday lunchtime which was always going to be a test as the town is packed for market day.

To begin I thought we were going to be out of luck trying to find a table as the downstairs was packed but I then remembered that Steve had told me the upper floor was also going to be used.

There was no sign saying more seating upstairs but we decided to take a look anyway despite feeling that at any moment someone might challenge our movements.

But we were rewarded with finding an almost empty seating area with big windows over looking the hustle and bustle of the Market Place.

It was a great place to watch the world go by and we also spotted another Gazette former employee browsing with her husband.

But back to the food and the service. The menu is long with something for everyone and takes the diner from early morning coffee, via lunch, afternoon snacks to evening meals with service going on until 11pm.

I chose a cheese and chutney toastie (£5.25) which I thought would be a good test of the quality of the bread and other produce and leave nowhere to hide while Gary went for home made fishfingers in a bap (£7)

To order you have go to the counter on the ground floor but there was not much of a queue and the server was polite and friendly. We were even offered complimentary mini brownies.

The gap between ordering and the freshly prepared food arriving was around ten minutes which I thought was pretty good and it was also delivered with a smile.

My sandwich made with thick cut fresh white bloomer bread and lots of melted cheese with tomoato and a tangy chutney plus a small side salad. It was everything you could ask for.

The fishfingers were made with thick white cod that got the thumbs up and a fresh white bap.

For those who want to be more adventurous the menu includes everything from tapas at £3.95 each or three for £10.95 to chicken tikka masala at £8.95 and vegan chilli at £9.25.

There is also an omelette bar starting at £5.95 which includes chips or a salad bowl. It has to be a good addition to the town. JOANNE MOORE