CLIMATE conscious cub scouts in Pewsey have been doing their bit to help the environment.

They were tasked with picking up as many cigarette butts as possible throughout the village, and in just 30 minutes 19 cubs with eight adults and helpers had collected 1650 of the discarded butts.

When it rains the cigarette ends flush down the storm drains and go into the river.

The cigarette ends contain plastic, chemicals and carcinogens.

Each butt contaminates a cubic metre of water.

Simon Ellis is part fo the group and said: "Our cub scouts did an amazing job picking up cigarette ends as an environmental challenge. The results were staggering. That’s 1650 cubic metres of water saved from contamination." The group donned high vis jackets and split into groups for the challenge and were chuffed with the results.

Wiltshire Council launched its campaign Bin the Butt in August, after revealing that it costs tax payers £2.8m every year to pick up litter. A 'significant' proportion is cigarette butts. Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for waste said: "This would be better spent on services such as protecting the most vulnerable."