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Traffic woes solution

Oliver Rawle ( Letters 26 September) proposes both an an eastern and a western bypass for Calne, to complement the 2001 northern bypass, and relieve the town of its traffic congestion.

But most of the funding for such link roads has to come from the building of thousands of new houses, infilling the areas between edge of the town to be bypassed and the new roads.

For Calne two new link roads would mean two very large new housing developments, both possibly bigger than the Lansdowne Estate, which partly funded the northern bypass.

If e.g. 5000 new homes had to be built to help fund 2 new link roads, this could bring another 10,000 cars to the new estates on the edge of Calne.

And these 10,000 cars, and all the delivery vans servicing these new homes, would of course also be using the A4, the A3I02, and all the country roads around us. More houses means more cars. That is not the answer.

We must seek a solution to Calne’s traffic problems that does not involve a huge expansion of the town, and that respects the council’s declaration of a climate emergency.

I believe better traffic management in the town centre - possibly involving new signals, re-opening the High Street one way, junction improvements, access restrictions etc. could significantly improve traffic flow through Calne.

Such measures would cost relatively little (Chippenham’s proposed single link road is going to cost an estimated £75 million) and would mean Calne could retain its market town dimensions ie most residents living within one mile/ a 20 min walk of its centre.

Cllr John Boaler (Labour), Calne Central Ward, Woodland Park, Calne

Just get on with it

This week ordinary people, complete strangers came up to me shopping saying how appalled they are at MP’s behaviour, particularly those seeking to block Brexit and we should just get on with it and support Boris.

The sole reason we have a constitutional crisis is MPs who want to stay in the EU are defying ordinary people who three years ago voted by a majority of one and quarter million to leave.

A few weeks ago Labour, Lib Dem and Green MPs passed a law making it illegal for the government to leave the EU unless we accept whatever terms the EU offer us.

These include permanently obeying thousands of EU rules after Brexit, but with no vote and no right to ever leave that arrangement unless the EU give us permission. This is why the Prime Minister called it the Surrender Act.

The Lib-Dems now say they will simply revoke Brexit – not even a second referendum – just stay in the EU.

The Labour Party now say they will hold a second referendum – presumably because people didn’t vote the right way in the 2016 referendum. However, now the only options will be 1. remain in the EU – or 2. accept the EU’s terms – as leaving without a deal has been made illegal.

Not content with that, this week Labour announced they will give three million EU citizens the right to vote in that referendum. Not since the Roman Emperor Caligula made his horse a senator has there been such a blatant attempt at rigging a ballot.

To add insult to injury Labour and Lib Dem MPs continue to vote against holding a general election. What are they afraid of?

Dr Martin Parsons, Wick Lane, Devizes

Fires of hatred

This has been a deeply disturbing week for our Parliament, Government and the rule of law.

Our most senior judges declare that the Prime Minister has acted ‎unlawfully and provided false advice to Her Majesty the Queen, yet he offers no word of apology. His most senior No. 10 adviser describes death threats received by female MPs as “a walk in the park” and ‎is not sacked.

Parliament passes a law and the Government declare they will not necessarily obey the law that avoids the disaster of a “no deal” Brexit.

The Government expel 21 of their own MPs, and demand that there should a vote of ‘no confidence’ in themselves. Locally James Gray MP announces on BBC West that Johnson is “negotiating a complex deal” - really?

There’s just four weeks left and he’s in Manchester and not Brussels.

No author with a taste for far-fetched fantasy could have produced such a script. But sadly, it is all true.

These actions put our parliamentary democracy at risk‎ and stoke deeply dangerous fires of hatred and extremism, something that is not what we regard as part of our national character and most of us are appalled by.

A change of Government and the calling of a General Election may not be far away.

Voters can then choose whether they want a fresh alternative to the polarisation of Johnson’s ‘far Right’ Tories ‎or Corbyn’s ‘far Left’ Socialists. Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats are ready to provide just that, so come with us and lets together build a better tomorrow.

Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire, Wiltshire Councillor for Box & Colerne

Wrong target

I refer to Sqn Ldr Phil Lobb’s letter in the 27th September issue. He criticises the church, but the church is a gathering of people including the clergy, church wardens and regular church-goers, all of whom were apparently very upset by the Sqn Ldr’s attribution of blame.

The decision to hold that type of service was made by a representative of Trowbridge RAF Association on behalf of the RAFA branch, advised to the Rector of St James.

The service was well attended by veterans of all three military services and other organisations, including a large contingent of RAF cadets.

Standards were carried and were presented at the altar during the service. RAF heroes both past and more recent were covered in the sermon and prayers.

Last year, being the centenary of the formation of the RAF, a full Battle of Britain service was held at St James in the morning. During last Sunday’s service the Rector announced that next year a full Battle of Britain service would be held – but separately and in the afternoon - thanks to a request by an RAF veteran present.

Naturally all ex-RAF veterans agree wholeheartedly with Sqn Ldr Lobb’s comments about ‘the few’ having saved Britain from invasion in 1940 – it is a shame that his letter contained inappropriate criticism of the church.

Wg Cdr Mike Sale, RAF (retired)

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