FAMILY pub owners who have taken over a Lockeridge hotspot, are looking forward to bringing 'traditional pub grub' back to the village.

Alex, Chris and Ian Vardon became tenants of The Who'd A Thought It, on September 4, and are hoping to get the place up and running in the next two weeks, with a confirmed date still to be announced.

It's expected that they will open the bar first, with food being served only a couple of days afterwards.

Alex, a chef, and his father Ian, are joint landlords of the pub, with brother Chris, helping with front of house.

Following an eight month closure, Alex is excited to bring 'stability and good food' back to the beloved pub on Lockeridge High Street.

He said: "We just want to get started now.

"All we need are a few crucial pieces of equipment, a glass washer, ice machine and new oven, but once they're fitted we're all good to go.

"I used to work at the Bell Inn, in West Overton, so I know the area well and look forward to getting started."

The pub was closed by Howard Spooner on January 7, and Wadworth confirmed he would not be returning in February.

Since getting the keys, earlier this month, the family have had to undertake a large cleaning job, as the pub has been left empty for eight months.

Ian Vardon has enjoyed the support they have already had from the local community.

He said: "Since we took over, we've had seven or eight people coming in every day to greet us, and simply welcome us.

"The people in Lockeridge just really want their pub back after so long.

"We're aware we're going to make mistakes, but we appreciate any constructive criticism we'll get."

Chris added: "It may be the case that we absolutely hit the ground running. But we're making sure we do things right."