VIEWS are being asked about possible changes to council tax discounts for people who get Universal Credit.

People currently get different amounts of help paying for their council tax, depending on how much they earn. However this means that every time their income changes, for example on a zero hour contract, they need to be reassessed. The Council Tax Reduction Scheme currently changes every time someone’s Universal Credit changes by as little as a £1.

The council want to place people into bands, reducing the amount of time people need to be reassessed. But it can mean that people will receive less help until the amount they earn falls into a different band.

Philip Whitehead, Wiltshire Council leader and Cabinet Member for Finance said: “We want to reduce the risk of having to frequently adjust entitlement to a household’s Council Tax Reduction as a result of minor changes in income, an issue which is commonly faced by those on Universal Credit. We hope to reduce uncertainty for those on this scheme.”