FREE school transport in Wiltshire has been criticised by a mum of two children, who says she is unable to cope with the school run.

Ashley Bye moved to Mile Elm, near Calne last July and after being told the nearest school Heddington primary was full, settled them into Marden Vale, around a 15 minute drive away in Calne.

However, her daughter Ruby now has a place at the closer school, leaving her unable to drop both children, who are six and 10, off each morning.

She wants Wiltshire Council to provide her son K’dyn, 10, with transport to school, however she has been turned down twice.

Officers have told her that because the council does not have records of her struggle to get them into her preferred school last year, they will not offer her transport help.

Mum Ashley Bye, of Mile Elm said: “I was trying to do the council a favour and saving money by phoning all the schools and finding a place for our children last summer.

"But that has worked against me. I do not have proof the schools were full and that is why they ended up in Marden Vale.

"My daughter has special educational needs and so being at Heddington is the best place for her as they can provide for her extra needs.

"My son had difficulties settling into and I have been told by the head teacher it's better to keep him there instead of moving him somewhere else, like where his sister has gone.

“I don’t want to upset his education any more but I cannot be in two places at once.”

Council guidelines on the local authority website state: "If you have been refused a place at the designated school to your home address, transport to the next nearest school can only be considered if you have appealed against the decision.

"If a place at the designated school is still refused after appeal, then transport can be considered to the next nearest school from your home address if the distance or route safety criteria are applicable."

Wiltshire Council did not respond to a request for comment.