FLYTIPPING has led to a £200 fine being issued to a woman who paid a 'man in a van' take away her rubbish.

The woman, from Marlborough, was issued the Fixed Penalty Notice. Although she didn't fly tip herself, she failed to make sure the company used was licensed to take rubbish to the dump and was fined after it was dumped in farmland. Martin Gibson of Grove Farm in Stitchcombe who found the fly-tipped waste said, “I am very disappointed that someone has been hoodwinked into using a cheap disposal company. Why do people consider it okay to dispose of litter and waste in the countryside and woodlands, when our local council provide the opportunity to dispose of everything free of charge at the household recycling centres. Local farmers work hard to make Wiltshire beautiful and there are paths everywhere to access this land. We are very grateful that our council pursue these people”

Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for Waste said, "This new Fixed Penalty Notice is a vital tool to help us clamp down on this illegal activity in Wiltshire and encourage residents to make all the necessary checks.

"People should be wary about using a ‘man with a van’ or similar adverts on social media to dispose of waste without making all the necessary checks, writing down the waste carrier’s licence number and we advise taking down the registration number of the vehicle taking the waste.”