This weekend we reported to you that pub chain giant, Wetherspoons, is cutting its beer prices by an average of 20p per pint.

The chain’s Brexit-supporting chairman Tim Martin said leaving the customs union on October 31 would allow the Government to end “protectionist tariffs”, which he maintained would reduce prices in pubs and supermarkets.

More than 600 Wetherspoon pubs will sell a pint of Ruddles for £1.69 from Friday, with a further 160 offering a pint for £1.59 or less. Around 36 pubs will sell a pint for £1.39.

This is what you had to say on Facebook about this news:

ADRIAN AND SHIRLEY SALTER: We haven’t left yet and he has reduced his prices so don’t know why this is relevant, or why he hasn’t reduced them before. Its a political stunt. We don’t pay tariffs on English beer ?

DEVIZINE: exactly that. If he can do while still in the EU, what difference does it make? It’s laughable.

SARAH HARRIS: Doesn’t matter what people do to try to promote a positive outlook regarding Brexit, there will always be miserable sods ready to throw a dampener on it.....

KEITH DAVID JUDGE: It’s okay for franchises like Wetherspoons to put the price down because they can afford to. Smaller pubs lose out because they can’t afford to do the same therefore making them look expensive. My suggestion is that everyone looks out for their “local” pubs and give chains like Wetherspoons a wide berth.

SHAUN WILKINS: So what. I would rather pay a fair price for a good beer. I wouldn’t drink Ruddles at 20p a pint. Support your local pub.

On Tuesday we brought the news to you that Green Lane playing field in Devizes is to be turned into a footballing hub, which has upset some local dog owners.

The £1.7 million scheme that will include a 3G pitch and offices for the Wiltshire Football Association has finally reached starting point after years of negotiations which were hampered by concerns for wildlife.

But now work has started on the scheme that will also include a pavilion with changing rooms, showers and toilets and three grass pitches.

On Facebook, here’s how you replied:

GRAHAM HICKMAN: Excellent news to see the scheme started. The loss to a few dog walkers will be the gain of hundreds of sports people.

SARAH JANE EYLES: I have two dogs it is totally unnecessary to walk your dogs in the playing field. It not for dogs.

EMELINE SHEPPARD: It’s a great thing and there are loads of places to walk your dog.

ELLEN HAMPSHIRE-NEE ROGERS: I used to watch my husband and then my son playing football, you would not believe the amount of people walking their dogs around the pitch while they were playing, people don’t realise that the organisers of the games would have to go over the pitch before the match started to pick up all the dog mess, not a nice thing to have to do.

CHARLIE SCOTT-KELLY: Maybe the person complaining about this is the same dog walker who leaves dog poo on the playing field where the children play football!

KAREN DRABBLE: It’s playing fields. Not dog walking fields.