THE annual Arts and Music Festival is set to return to Calne for its 45th year, as the town prepares for 11 days of workshops, music and art exhibitions.

The highly-anticipated event, the longest-running musical festival in Wiltshire, starts on October 3 and will run through until the finale performance by Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow on October 13.

This year's special guest and long time patron is composer Judith Weir, who used to live in Calne, currently master of the Queen's music which means she composes music for coronations or royal funerals.

President of the festival, Carole Brown, is 'excited to bring the festival back for its 45 year'.

She said: "There's always something on over the 11 day festival, from morning to night.

"There's such a nice, friendly atmosphere in Calne while the festival is on, it's brilliant.

"It is very much a local festival, for the people of Calne, and there are quite a few people who devote their week to the event."

The festival kicks off at 7pm on October 3, with an art exhibition at Marden House, open to invited guests.

Friday evening, October 4, is all about the music as Kitty Macfarlane and Piano Dreams perform at Marden House from 7.30pm.

Calne Arts and Music Festival is run by a 12-strong group of volunteers, who work tirelessly to organise it every year.

Chilvester Finanical, an advisory firm in Calne, have sponsored the festival for the last few years, putting around £2,000 towards the organisation of the 2019 event.

Calne's mayor welcomes the return of the festival's 'excellent programme'.

Cllr Robert Merrick said: "It brings a lot to the town: visitors tourists and lots of artists from around the country.

"It puts Calne on the map for the two weeks and that is very exciting to me."

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