A MAN has been arrested following a spate of tool thefts around Devizes in the last month.

This morning, September 12, Devizes Police teams four and five recovered £10,000 worth of stolen toolboxes, ladders, cables and power tools.

A man is currently being held in Melksham on suspicion of a series of burglaries and shed breaks in the of Rotherstone and Waiblingen Way area over the past month.

Police are in the process of returning the stolen tools to their rightful owners.

Devizes Police said: "If you have already made a report of stolen tools in the last month, you don't need to contact us; we've got a list of recent reports to work through. It's going to be a lot of work, so bear with us whilst we get in touch with everyone.

"If you live in this immediate area, you've had tools taken and haven't reported it, please make sure you report it on 101; there are hundreds of recovered tools that we can't yet identify owners for."