A WOMAN who found the victim of a brutal attack in Devizes says neighbours are living in fear because their flats have no main door security systems.

Saira Dixon, 28, found the man bleeding from a head wound and slumped at the bottom of a stairwell at Moyne Close, after hearing his cries for help.

The man in his 50s had been attacked in his own home at about 9.30pm on September 1 by two men, described by police as black, who forced their way into his flat.

They ransacked his home and left him bloodied and dazed before fleeing the scene.

The man, who has lived in Devizes for a number of years, suffered serious head wounds and was taken to hospital in Bristol and underwent surgery. He is now out of hospital but has not returned to his flat.

Miss Dixon, who lives with her mother, said they did not hear any noise from the attack but suddenly heard cries of help coming from downstairs.

She said: “He was just laying near the main door bleeding. I tried talking to him but he was not really with it.

“I got a couple of other girls to go next door where I knew someone who knows about first aid lives and I got my mum to ring 999.

“The neighbour did first aid until the ambulance arrived about ten minutes later.

“We have been told for years that the security system for the main door would be mended but nothing has happened.

“My mum and some other older people are quite scared about everything now.”

A spokesperson for The Guinness Partnership said: “We were concerned to hear about the attack on a resident at Moyne Close. We have been on site and have left our contact details for residents who may have concerns.

“We had already begun work on a new door entry system, a new specialist contractor will complete the work.” Police are still appealing for witnesses.