POLITICAL lines were drawn in Malmesbury at the weekend after a Brexit Party candidate accused a Liberal Democrat councillor of blocking democracy by telling him to move his stand.

Brexit candidate for North Wiltshire Les Willis was in the Market Cross on Saturday canvassing for votes ahead of a possible General Election. However he was approached and told to move from the spot because he was on double yellow lines, by Cllr Gavin Grant.

Mr Willis is a former mayor of Wootton Bassett was once a member fo the Lib Dems himself, but is now representing the Brexit Party.

He believes Cllr Grant was motivated by politics and wanted to stop them campaigning.

However Cllr Grant said he told the campaigners to move because of safety reasons, adding that while a Lib Dem himself, the town council he was representing is a non political body.

Mr Willis said: “The yellow lines were not complete and badly worn aside from this the position was not hindering traffic entering the carpark in any way.

“This just proves yet again what lengths the Liberal Democrat Party will go to in an attempt to deny people their democratic rights.”

But Cllr Grant confirmed it was about public safety instead of blocking the Brexit party stand.

Cllr Grant said: “It was nothing to do with politics, it was about public safety. He has put the trestle table on double yellow lines and it was in the Market Square, which is run by Malmesbury Council.

"I am a town councillor, which politics doesn’t come into.

"I suggested he moved to the pavement which is much bigger, and ask the shop keeper as a courtesy, and it was much safer. Stalls are permitted in the Market Square which are booked in advance and it is the town council’s policy not to use the space for anything political.”