MODELS will be putting their best foot forward this Saturday as the best from the town's charity shops are showcased in a fashion show.

Inspired by campaigns to halt fast fashion and stop clothes from ending up in the land fill, young people from Kandu-Arts and Wiltshire College & University Centre have organised the show to make people think again about reusing their clothes.

Tze Ching Yeung, of the Refashion My Town event said: "Every year, it's estimated £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfill in the UK. This is a shocking waste of precious resources. Charity shops are a great way to recycle garments and give them a new lease of life. We will be also be offering free workshops for people, to gain skills in repairing, customising and upcycling clothes, so that they can have clothes that they cherish."

Claire Dow, Chippenham library manager, said: "We've had great fun searching the Wiltshire Libraries catalogue for eco-fashion and style books, and guides to mending and upcycling. These resources will be available for people to browse for eco-fashion inspiration."

The show starts at the Market Place library from 4pm.