NORTH Wiltshire MP James Gray says that Boris Johnson had no option but to expel 21 rebel MPs from the Tory party.

He said: “The people voted to leave. Theresa May proposed a deal to make that happen. The Commons on three occasions voted against it (twice personally, switching sides the third time round.)

“Labour and 21 Tory rebels have now introduced an absurd piece of legislation which prevents us leaving with ‘No Deal’, and hands control over our departure to the EU.

“I deeply regret the necessity to remove the Whip from the 21 rebels, many of whom are good friends, and thoroughly honourable and decent people.

“However, it is a long-standing convention that any MP who votes against his own Government on a matter of Confidence cannot remain a member of that Party.”

He believes that the only way forward is to hold a General Election.

He said: “It is a stalemate and the only way out of the bind in which all of this leaves us is now a General Election.

Labour must now put aside their terror at losing it and agree to as early a General Election as can be arranged.”