THERE is one thing that no-one can complain about in Wiltshire and that is a lack of village pubs.

But that does not always mean that the food is very different from one place to another and they often need something more than just the menu to set them apart.

That is why we decided to give The Dumb Post at Bremhill, near Calne, a try one sunny Saturday when pictures of its large balcony for alfresco dining was a big draw.

It is approached down a windy lane from the main A4 and from the outside its old world charm made us think we had made a good decision.

I was dining with my daughter and son-in-law after spotting the pub on its Facebook page and were drawn there by its food photographs.

Everything got off to a good start as we managed to bag a table on the edge of the terrace with incredible views to the hills.

The sun was out and the Wiltshire countryside looked amazing. Not surprisingly the pub was full of cyclists, walkers, family groups and others all looking for a relaxing way to spend a Saturday lunch time.

And this is where the hitch came. My daughter went in to order but was told that a number of items on the lunchtime menu including lasagne (£9) and the Dumb Post burger (£10.50) were not available.

The homemade burgers that came with blue cheese, bacon, onion ring and chips had sounded particularly appealing and the lack of them was something of a disappointment..

It was also not surprising that the lasagne had sold out as for £9 including garlic bread and a salad garnish it had sounded good value.

I decided to go for the tried and tested option of ham, egg and chips (£9.50) while Francesca and Liam ordered an alternative to the beef burger in the shape of wild boar and chorizo burger (£10.50).

We had expected a bit of a delay in receiving the food as we were now at peak time but it arrived in good time and was delivered by a friendly waitress.

The wild board burgers looked the part but only got average reviews from those eating them as they found the meat a little dry. ‘Nice but not amazing’ was the general verdict.

This too was my reaction to my ham, egg and chips. The ham was thick and fresh but the eggs a little overcooked.

As my daughter was driving and only drinking orange and lemonade (£3) I indulged in a couple of half pints of Stella at £2 each while Liam had Amstel at £3.90 a pint.

Sat out in the sunshine with a chilled lager any slight disappointments about the food quickly faded.

We decided to pass on the puddings but at £5.50 for all the homemade desserts they again sounded like good value and from a glimpse of those that were being delivered to other tables they looked good too.

They included Panna Cotta with coulis, double chocolate cheesecake, banofee pie, crumble and sticky toffee pudding.

I would give the Dumb Post another go and maybe try out its evening menu which includes rack of lamb (£19.95) and Dumb Post chicken (£16.50). Joanne Moore