PROTESTERS took to Chippenham town bridge on Saturday as they aimed to make the public 'think twice about Brexit'.

Volunteers from the anti-Brexit organisation, People's Vote, stationed themselves on the bridge to discuss current politics with bypassers, try to change people's views on Brexit, and encourage those who are also against Brexit to march with them in London on October 19.

This week's protest followed news from Westminster that a bill stating a no-deal Brexit can only be passed after a Commons vote has gone to Royal Assent.

One of the volunteers at the march, Luis Soto, from Lyneham, welcomed this news with open arms.

He said: "It was the best bit of news regarding Brexit we have had in a long time.

"Chances of a no-deal Brexit are quickly slipping away which I see as a real victory.

"There are protests like this one happening all across the country, while we gear up for the massive march in London next month.

"We're here today to show we are a national movement, and that we are serious about not wanting to leave the EU.

"We've been challenging people all day, asking them if they are 100 per cent sure they want Brexit to follow through or if they have changed their mind in the last three years.

"Surprisingly, we've seen about a 50/50 split of those supporting us and those who disagree with us, which none of us were expecting.

"We see this as a way of asking people if they're really sure that they still want to leave Brexit, like we're asking them 'are you sure?'

"I'm a second generation immigrant from Spain so I've always seen being a part of the EU as a sensible option."

This protest was just one of about 100 that took place over the weekend, all over the country, with the other Wiltshire protest taking place in Marlborough.

Volunteers from People's Vote set up on the bridge because of the large number of bypassers who walk along there.

Their stall was set up with flyers, advertising October's march in London. As well as this there were EU badges on sale with all proceeds going towards the People's Vote campaign and future protests.

There was also a tally chart asking people if they thought had Brexit had gone well so far. There was only one vote for 'yes' at midday, against about 50 votes for 'no'.

Volunteers at the stall were frequently challenged by bypassers as they tried to argue their case for why Brexit should go ahead, with some of the debates getting fairly heated.

In 2016's Brexit referendum, Wiltshire narrowly voted to leave the EU with 151,637 votes to leave and 137,258 votes to remain, matching the national average percentages of leave votes against remain.

On October 19, hundreds of thousands of people will take to London's streets in a march against Brexit, organised by People's Vote.

The Let Us Be Heard protest in the capital will start on Park Lane at 12pm and proceed to Parliament Square, where the march will finish outside of the Houses of Parliament.

The first People's Vote march took place on March 23 this year, with the organisation claiming a million people took part in the protest, a figure not confirmed.