ACTION on climate change will be the main topic of debate during a round table event in Trowbridge next week to make the area more eco friendly.

From planting more trees, to increasing the amount recycled by the authority, 2030 Carbon Friendly, a new group in the town, will be hearing from members of the public keen to be carbon neutral in the next 10 years.

Cllr Steve Oldrieve hopes to see as many people as possible get involved before going to Wiltshire Council with the group’s suggestions.

Wiltshire Council declared a climate emergency in February and since than a climate change steering group has been working on a new strategy for Wiltshire.

But cllr Oldrieve believes that decision makers need to act quickly.

He said: “There is a lot we can do at council, town and individual level and now is the time to energise people.

“Often with strategy making it can take a long time to get anywhere but time is something we don’t have. This event is not to debate, it is for people to come along and start to talk about the practical things that need to be done, as well as at a strategic level.

“Whether it's planting more trees, or food waste bins there are lots of small things that could be done and I believe there’s lots of things going on out there that could be beneficial for people to know about."

Extinction Rebellion campaigner Elizabeth Robertson believes more should have been achieved in the six months since councillors acknowledged a climate emergency

Speaking to the Environment Committee she asked: “Why have emergency powers not been put in place to make it the absolute priority?

“It seems the politicians think it’s either frugality or business as usual but it isn’t, it’s either the option of frugality or disaster."

The climate change event will be held on September 11 in Holy Trinity Church , Trowbridge from 7.30pm.