YOUNGSTERS from a pre-school near Devizes have been following in the footsteps of those from the TV show Old People's Home For Four-Year-Olds.

The children from All Cannings have been regular visitors to Hayward Care Centre in Devizes to build relationships through games and activities.

Then the residents repaid the favour by visiting the children at their nursery.

Hannah Newlands from the pre-school said: "The exercise has been mutually beneficial as both parties thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the visits.

"They have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities together including cooking, games and a treasure hunt.

"Intergenerational relationships benefit all parties. The children are taken into an environment which may be unfamiliar to them, it helps develop valuable life skills, self confidence and empathy as well as learning to respect and value older people."

The visits are to start again this school year.