ECO warriors at St John’s School in Marlborough now have a teacher who has been accredited as a climate change expert by the UN.

Jonny Friend has been accredited as a climate change teacher and plans to share his expertise with all teaching staff so they can take part in a innovative programme being trialled at the school.

Head of science Mr Friend said: “Climate change is without doubt the most important issue facing our world today.

“All the scientific evidence tells us that we need to act now and UN courses such as this one will help teachers in schools provide students with the necessary information in which to make their own, evidence based, informed decisions.”

Academy Principal, Ian Tucker, said: “The students, staff and parents are rightly passionate about the climate change agenda and we want it to be a central part of what we are about at St John’s. I am delighted that Jonny Friend is leading the way here at the Academy as we support our young people in making a real difference in the way we look after our Planet.”

Last term St John’s pupils took part in Climate Change marches in Marlborough with the backing of the school.

The UN Climate Change Academy programme was launched in April and is free to all primary and secondary school teachers.

A spokesman said: “Once teachers have completed the Climate Change Teacher Course, they will be accredited to deliver climate change facts.”