POLICE have been granted a partial closure order on a Calne house, following a drugs bust in early August.

The order bans a house on The Green from being visited by anyone other than the occupant and one other named person, for three months.

An application for the order was made shortly after three people were arrested at the house on August 1, where £3,500 cash and £4,000 worth of drugs and large knives were found.

Officers' application to Swindon Magistrates Court was successful as they increase their bid to tackle drug related activity and anti-social behaviour.

Calne Community Co-ordinator, PC Steve Carroll, said: “I am really pleased that we have been successful in obtaining this order, it is an excellent piece of legislation.

“The anti-social behaviour that the neighbouring residents have had to endure is not acceptable and I’m hopeful that this order will assist in rectifying the issue.

“I would like to thank the local residents of The Green, for their co-operation and patience whilst this case was brought before the court.