Harry Potter mania hit fever pitch as more than 100 people flocked to Lacock to see filming kick off last night.

Village streets were blocked off as producers of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince transformed Lacock into a virtual Hogwarts wonderland.

The picturesque village even managed to cast a spell over teen heart throb Daniel Radcliffe.

A Warner Bros spokesman on set said: "Daniel and the rest of the cast love being here. They just think its absolutely beautiful.

"Tonight there is a really good atmosphere and I know Daniel is really happy fans turned up."

Crowds were kept behind steel barriers as the stars were secretly driven onto the set.

Massive Potter fan eight-year-old Daniel Wilshire from Chippenham was thrilled to be near his hero - Harry's nemesis Voldemort.

He said: "I am so excited to be here. The atmosphere is great, Lacock looks just like how I imagine Harry Potter.

"My favourite character is definitly Voldemort.

"We thought we saw the Hogwart express on the street earlier but I think it was just a fire engine."

His 19-year-old sister Hannah was there for different reasons.

She came to catch a glimpse of surprise heart throb Rupert Grint who plays Harry's best friend Ron Weasley.

Even though security crews kept the stars safely under wraps fans were still waiting for glimpse of their favourite stars late into the night.

Filming for the blockbuster will continue tomorrow from 5pm.