PROTESTERS angry over Boris Johnson’s decision to stop parliament sitting for five weeks were out in both Devizes and Chippenham on Saturday.

Protests were held outside Conservative Party’s constituency offices in both towns by placard waving anti-Brexit campaigners.

Critics of Mr Johnson say the proroguing of parliament is a ploy to push through a no-deal Brexit.

In Devizes supporters of Devizes for EU first gathered in the Market Place and asked shoppers to sign letters addressed to both MP Claire Perry and Devizes party chairman Brigadier Peter Sharpe.

Devizes for EU vice-chair, Stephen Stacey, said: “The letters express constituents’ horror and anger with the government’s decision to stop parliament from sitting for five weeks – a length of time without recent precedent.

“The government’s decision is antidemocratic and contemptuous of the very people it exists to serve.”

After the group set up a stall in the Market Place marchers led by a drummer and carrying placards with messages such as ‘‘Blame the Etonians not the Romanians,’ ‘Boris the Dictator,’ and ‘Only a Rogue would Prorogue.’

The youngest marcher posted the letters signed by 200 people through the office door. Mr Stacey said: “This was symbolising the shattering impact a crash out, no-deal exit from the EU will have on the next generation.”

Mrs Perry O’Neill MP has been under pressure to stand up for her constituents’ interests by working to block a crash out Brexit. She has refused so far to exclude crash out as an option.

“Now Devizes for EU is asking her and local Tories to make it clear that they defend the absolute right of parliament to debate and decide the most important issue on the UK’s political agenda today.”

In Chippenham the protest was led by Greg Williams.