HELPING the environment by not using single use plastic could become a whole lot easier in Trowbridge this Autumn after a local woman has set out to launch a zero packaging shop.

Inside the town hall, Leyla Amba Bakali-laughton’s new venture We Are Undressed will serve her customers food, household items and beauty products, but instead of coming pre-packaged, shoppers can pour products straight into their own jars, tubs and bags to refill again and again.

Ms Bakali-laughton, 25, is on a mission to tackle climate change by opening the first zero waste not for profit shop in the town and has already received donations and support from strangers.

She needs to raise £8k by September to open the shop and has already had £6,060 in donations.

She said:“ I did the Weavers market and was next to a lovely lady who also sells sustainable things. A lady in Devizes will make chocolate for the shop and because I’m a female entrepreneur Natwest have pledged £4k towards my fundraising target which is amazing.”

The former St Augustines pupil will run the shop with volunteers and hopes to be open six days a week.

Inspired by zero packaging and vegan shops in Bristol, she is determined to offer something new to the High Street and attract more visitors.

She said: “The easiest way to reduce plastic use in your home is to shop smarter by thinking about what you need to buy and if it can be reused or reduced.

“We will stock all the dry good in your kitchen cupboards, oats, pasta, rice and baking goods, then liquids like shampoos and cooking oils, and products like toothbrushes.

Trowbridge cllr Stewart Palmen said: "This shop, along with newly opened Beauty Hut is just the type of shops we need to boost the regeneration of the town centre. Leyla has been very successful at the Weavers Market and it can be a great place to give new businesses the confidence they need to grow. All these shops attract people to come and visit Trowbridge."

To find out more about We Are Undressed visit: