ECO warrior Joe Brindle is helping to lead the war against climate change in Devizes.

Joe, 17, who is a sixth former at Devizes School is the leader of the school’s climate change group and is a campaigner for the UK Student Climate Network.

During the school holidays he travelled to Lausanne in Switzerland for SMILE and met with young climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

He said: “This was the first European meeting of young climate strikers and I went alongside 19 others representing the UK.

“I met with Greta Thunberg and other climate strikers from across Europe and was part of the decision making process for the Lausanne Climate Declaration. It was very inspirational and I came back even more determined to make a difference.”

Joe, whose father Keith is vicar of St James Church, Devizes grew up being ethically aware but it was not until January this year that he realised how pressing the climate change situation was.

He said: “I was watching a programme on droughts in Malawi that were going on much longer than they should be and I knew I wanted to become involved in making changes.”

Joe, with the backing of his school, regularly takes days off to join in climate change strikes in Bristol and Bath.

He said headteacher Phil Bevan was supportive of the Climate Change group. Joe said: “I always tell my teachers if I am going to be away and make sure I catch up with all of my work.”

He wants to take a gap year after taking his A levels next summer and work on environmental projects before studying biology at university.

His brother Bo, 15, and sister Eliza, 11, share his views and also want to do their bit to protect the planet.

Devizes School is planning a climate change day in October. Joe said: “We hope all year groups will be involved in activities and we will have speakers.

“Last school year the Devizes School Climate Change group had not been set up when there were protests in Marlborough and other towns but now we have the most members of any school club.

“I am sure it will grow even more when we go back after the summer holidays.”

In addition to travelling to Lausanne Joe has spoken at New Wine Christian festival about climate change and christianity.

He said: “Travelling to Lausanne by train was quite an experience as I had only been on a train once before on my own.”