FRIENDS and family of Cory Richardson, who died in a lake at Cotswold Water Park, have started a fundraising campaign to buy a bench in his memory.

Kathryn Ross has launched the Gofundme appeal in a bid to raise £1,000 to pay for a seat to be put in the recreation ground near Salisbury Road in Marlborough.

She said: “Cory sadly passed away on July 23 and is greatly missed by many people. Cory grew up in and around Marlborough and over his 21 years he touched many peoples hearts.

“To remember him we would like to place a bench in memory of him in one of his favourite places and where he grew up underneath a beautiful cherry tree.

“We hope to create something really special and signifying his love of cars. The Rec is where many of the towns young people hang out and we feel that he would approve of a bench sited there for other generations of young people to use.”

Mr Nicholson, who had loved cars since he was a boy and worked as a mechanic for Chippenham Motor Company, died after going swimming with a friend.

At the time of his death he was living with his mother Tracy in Calne after growing up in Marlborough.

Days after his son’s death his father Paul had the courage to return to the scene of the accident to put up a placard with pictures in his memory.

Nadine Maycock who accompanied him said: “We revisited the water park to put up a wonderful sign made in Cory’s memory, we filled up on Toby carvery breakfast (one of Cory’s favourites) and travelled in his beloved car.”

His funeral was held on Thursday at North Wiltshire Crematorium in Royal Wootton Bassett.

After the funeral Ms Maycock said: “Paul was overwhelmed with the enormity of friends, family, colleagues, even the fire service that came to say farewell. Go to:

“Although Cory’s life has been cut short, he accomplished so much and touched the hearts of so many people and that is something we are and will always be extremely proud of.”