IF this year's Picnic In The Park in Devizes was anything to go by then the two weeks of Festival Fortnight are going to be ones to remember.

The picnic in Hillworth Park is usually a fairly leisurely affair as people enjoy a glass or two of wine and a few sausage rolls while taking in some background music.

But this year's festival trail blazer was far more active and seemed to be teaming with teenagers who were keen to become involved with everything from balloon tossing to mass ball throwing.

Loz Samuels from Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts said: "The picnickers were great, they ate, they danced, they drank, they clapped, they met old friends and made new, tossed balloons, brought programmes and tickets, sang, painted, played, watched, and listened and seemed to have a lot of fun."

The Desperate Men theatre company helped keep people on their toes with communal games and were a taste of what is to come on Sunday and Monday at the International Street Festival.

It's artistic director Jon Beedell believes street theatre can change the world. He said: We are about re-connecting people with each other, reclaiming public spaces, inviting participation and direct involvement in making things happen with provocative thinking, smiles, laughter, happy tears and new ideas."

It seemed to work in Devizes as the weather remained dry and large crowds turned out to support the picnic.

Youngsters had the chance to join in flag making while music from the likes of Murray Kyle and Old Baby Mackerel also got people on their feet. There was also a chance to sign up for the Colour Rush which will be held before the Confetti Battle on August 31.

The DOCA quiz is on Wednesday (Aug 21) evening in The Shambles and money raised goes towards keeping other DOCA events free.

Devizes police officers also dropped into the picnic all in the line of duty and said: "It was lovely to see everyone having such a good time."