AN AUTHOR has written a new book, inspired by a ‘life-changing’ encounter with an Amazonian tribe.

Katy Walton, a business consultant from Chippenham, has published her second book, The Land of Belching Bog, which was written after experiencing teachings from the Huni Kuin tribe.

The book, or ‘parable’ as Katy labelled it, is aimed at ‘children of all ages’ and was written with aim of encouraging people to ‘control their own happiness’.

She said: “I hope the message of this book speaks to everybody.

“It’s meant to be reminder of the power everyone possesses to control your own happiness.

“The inspiration for this book came from being privileged enough t o spend time with the Huni Kuin.”

The mother of two sets of twins has met the tribe twice, who tour across America and Europe to teach others about happiness, as well as warning them about climate change.

Katy’s book is on sale now online on Amazon.