MILKMAN turned Spiderman Darren Worrow was out on the streets accompanied by sidekick Wonder Woman to raise money for the little girl's therapy fund.

Mr Worrow and Carmela Chillery-Watson, five, who suffers from muscular dystrophy teamed up on Friday as they dressed as super heroes to complete his milk round in the Pewsey Vale.

Carmela's mum Lucy said: "Carmela said her best bit was being Wonder Woman and delivering the milk to a lady who answered her door.

"It was a perfect location in Bottesford, lovely quiet lane with runners passing by, stopping to say hi.

"It was like watching our very own mini live comic book episode with Spiderman and Wonder Woman in action.

"It was priceless watching and listening to Carmela's joy of delivering milk. Small things are big to Carmela and every moment matters as her disease can catch us out at any time.

"At the moment she can walk short distances but we don't know how long that'll be for as she has already lost her neck strength and arm strength in the last two years, so every day is treasured.

"Thank you to Darren Worrow for doing such a selfless act and raising so much money for Carmela's therapy fund. With the help of his customers they have raised over £1,000.

"This is a massive amount that will help tremendously towards Carmela’s therapy over the next year. It will help pay for regular physiotherapy which helps monitor any muscle deterioration and exercise changes if needed.

"It will contribute top ups to purchase very expensive specialist equipment to enable Carmela to stay mobile for longer, including a Petra Race Runner which holds Carmela in safely to feel a running sensation whilst working her heart and lungs which she isn't normally able to.

"Plus garden adaptions to enable her to access outdoor play areas as her disease progresses and she gets weaker."